Subway “Penis Seat” Part Of Sexual Harassment Campaign

Subway “Penis Seat” Part Of Sexual Harassment Campaign

Authorities in Mexico City have decided on a novel way of highlighting soaring rates of sexual harassment on the city’s public transport network by transforming a seat on a subway into a male torso complete with large, flaccid penis.

Presumably, the idea behind the campaign is that the seat’s uncomfortable to sit on, but it isn’t nearly as uncomfortable as the harassment many Mexican women face every day.

The stunt even includes this promotional video of commuters looking equal parts confused and revolted.

As the slide at the end of the video notes, ‘Nine out of 10 women in Mexico City have been victims of some form of sexual violence.’

The public funded campaign is to highlight that 65 per cent of Mexico City women say that they have been sexually harassed, groped or cat-called while traveling on the capital’s public transport. Another problem is that women are less likely to report an offence to the mainly male authorities that run its trains and buses.

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