Study Proves Apple Still Kicks Butt Compared To Other Tech Brands

Study Proves Apple Still Kicks Butt Compared To Other Tech Brands

In virtually no surprise to audiences everywhere, Apple has delivered a strong serve to rival companies and proven it injects the most ‘delight’ into its users lives.

A recent study from Argus Insights, the Battle of the Brands Report, shows that Apple users are the “happiest” with their devices, particularly users of the iPad and Apple Watch. The report digs into consumer feedback for various product offerings from Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Samsung to detail the strengths and weaknesses of each brand.

And while it’s not exactly shocking that Apple kicks ass and comes out on top, Microsoft, not typically associated with having a high consumer satisfaction rate, has recorded stellar results in terms of user joy.

Microsoft’s ‘delight’ score, determined from consumer ratings, came after a steady increase in reported satisfaction earlier this year, driven by users who were impressed by the Smartphone, Microsoft Band, and Surface Pro customers.

Microsoft has focused on creating products that produce a positive user experience, and this investment has worked to increase the brand’s delight.

Google, on the other hand, is not producing well-liked products, and less than impressed users of Google Cardboard, Nexus Player, and various Smart Home products are paving the way for disappointment.

While not as highly praised as Apple iPads, the Apple Watch took the wearables market by storm, and has seen reported delight increase to knock out current market leaders like Motorola, Samsung, Fitbit and others, while also seeing an increase in consumer buzz, determined from volume of consumer reviews.

Delight for the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, and 6S Plus is extremely high, yet consumers that are still using older models report qualms, especially with the iPhone 4 and 5.

Amazon is the only brand with high delight scores for smart home products from happy Echo users, whereas smart home products are dragging down delight scores for the other brands.

While Google owns Android OS, their Nexus hardware that utilises this is not producing happy users.

Apple sees the majority of its buzz from iPhone customers, and though the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus launched in late September, the devices did not see enough buzz to surpass interest of older models. The popular iPhone 6 carried the team when it came to Apple’s buzz in September, and will likely see demand remain consistent.

Samsung has the most brand exposure, driven largely by their extensive selection of Smartphones and Tablets, yet consumer feedback tends to be concentrated around their flagship devices, with sporadic interest in the rest of their product catalogue.

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