Study: Aussie Mums Revealed As Digital Savvy, Social Media Addicts

Study: Aussie Mums Revealed As Digital Savvy, Social Media Addicts

A new study into Australian mums have found them to be a powerful, highly educated, cashed-up and discerning group that are using the power of the internet and social media to make – or break – brands.

Mums don’t just buy a brand because of its price or availability – they use the power of online reviews, their knowledge about brand’s ethical behaviour and whether a product will fit into, and help with, their busy lives.

Australia’s first ever Mums Marketing Conference will reveal the growing power of Aussie mums, with a survey of more than 2000 mums revealing:

  • Mums are the powerhouse of the Australian economy, being in charge of the vast $132 billion household economy and 80 per cent of consumer spending
  • Australian mums are digital savvy, with 85 per cent on Facebook and 12 per cent on Instagram, with the majority using their mobile phones to use social media
  • More mum’s are now members of online parenting groups (70 per cent), compared to face-to-face parenting groups (50 per cent).
  • Mums are not only connected on social media, but they’re using it, a lot. Some 56 per cent check social media “too many times to count” every day, while 15 per cent check in 10 times daily, 17 per cent check in five to 10 times day, and 11 per cent check in one to five times every day
  • Mum’s are highly aware of brand’s corporate responsibility and whether their ethics are in line with their own. Mum’s often use their wallets to endorse a brand’s ethical behaviour, and send a message to other brands that they won’t buy their products if they’re not a good corporate citizen
  • Despite the huge growth in celebrity endorsements, good ol’ fashioned ‘pester-power’ still rules supreme
  • How are Australian mum’s making their spending decisions? Online reviews. Peer-to-peer recommendations are increasingly important to mum’s, with 90 per cent of mum’s spreading online reviews and recommendations before making a purchasing decision

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