Aussie Marketing Leaders More Likely To Be Involved In High-Stakes communications Event Says New Study

Aussie Marketing Leaders More Likely To Be Involved In High-Stakes communications Event Says New Study

Australian marketing leaders are more likely than their global counterparts to be involved in a high stakes communications event, with 72 per cent reporting experience in this area compared to 58 per cent globally.

The top issue that needed diffusing was around data security (42 per cent) followed by government stability (40 per cent) and protecting the environment (40 per cent).

This reflects the fast development and innovation of technology in Australia, with marketing managers focusing their efforts on tech-related crisis communications.

The survey of 200 marketing and business leaders in Australia, ‘High Stakes Leadership in Australia,’ conducted by global communications agency Hotwire, uncovers the specific values alignment issues which matter between organisations and to the end consumer.

Australian marketing leaders also have a gap to bridge in high-stakes communications planning, with 30 per cent claiming they do not have a current and up to date organisational plan.

Other key findings from the survey include:

  • 72 per cent of Australian marketing leaders have already run campaigns based on high stakes issues, with the digitalisation of jobs being the most prevalent campaign topic.
  • 77 per cent of Australian consumers align their spending habits to their personal values. A further 87 per cent of consumers would consider ditching a product or service from a brand that handled a high stakes issue in a way that violated their personal values.
  • Sexual harassment was the number one issue which would repel consumers from an organisation (36 per cent) if it was poorly handled.
  • If an organisation didn’t respond to a high stakes communications event within 2-3 days, 48 per cent of Australian business decision makers would terminate that relationship, highlighting the importance of timely response.

Hotwire Australia MD, Mylan Vu (featured image) believes having clearly defined organisational values, communicated regularly, is the best means of preparing for and combatting high-stakes communications events.

Vu Said: “The results show Australian marketing leaders are dealing with high stakes communications events more frequently than their global counterparts, which speaks to the vulnerability of Australian offices, particularly those operating within multinational structures.

“The unique time zone and sales-only structure of a lot of Australian businesses mean there needs to be more preparation and empowerment to action issues, no matter the time of day or availability of the leadership team to intervene.

“One of the strongest remedies for moments of crisis is for the marketing team to establish robust organisational values and a well-thought-out crisis plan well in advance.”

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