Study: 70% Of Businesses Struggle To Be Digital Ready

Study: 70% Of Businesses Struggle To Be Digital Ready

Seven in 10 businesses struggle to achieve digital readiness, a new study from Wunderman, the leading global digital agency, has uncovered.

The survey of 250 senior business decision makers (BDM’s) found that despite 74 per cent of businesses having access to a full stack of integrated marketing tools, there’s an inability to connect creative, data and tech solutions.

A major gap exists in the inability for enterprises to identify the challenges of digital transformation and their capacity to benefit from their investments in new technologies. “It was clear that a lot of clients were overwhelmed with the broad variety of capabilities that you need to actually be successful,” says Wunderman’s global chief marketing officer Jamie Gutfreund.

According to the report, the leading cause of this disconnect is executives within organisations feeling limited by short-term expectations. The Wunderman Future Ready report is a call to action, encouraging businesses to embrace a long-term view. For leaders to stop reacting to change, and start inciting it.

“Technology has gifted us with new ways of thinking. New opportunities. New strategies,” says Wunderman ANZ Hurol Inan. “Identifying these solutions is only the start. Having the people capability and operating models in place is vital in the face of industry disruption.” You can read the full Future Ready report here.

To realise the benefits of true digital transformation, the Future Ready report identified five key steps:

  1. Set Up to Win (Performance): Clear KPIs, business outcomes and a process for tracking and measuring results.
  2. Align and Conquer (Clarity): A unified vision for an organization’s goals and the roles each person, team and discipline plays.
  3. Adapt and Fail (Speed): Ability to deliver real-time information and act ahead of changing consumer and marketplace needs.
  4. Insight Drives Experience (Transparency): Consistent access to high quality data, business performance information and insights across divisions.
  5. Be Disruption Proof (Transformation): Ability to adapt structures, processes and creative capabilities to address new opportunities.

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