Study: 30 Per Cent Of Men At The B&T Awards Had A Moustache

Study: 30 Per Cent Of Men At The B&T Awards Had A Moustache

Did you attend the B&T Awards last Friday night? Well, unbeknownst to you out-of-homer VMO’s DART 2.0 (Digital outdoor Audience in Real Time) technology was on display – an anonymous audience measurement system that you didn’t realise was tracking your every move (OK, maybe not every move).

The event, held at Sydney’s Town Hall, drew well over 800 of the industry’s top media players and marketers.

Here’s what VMO’s DART 2.0 found of those who attended.

• 81 per cent of people viewed the seating plan on arrival
• 51 per cent of guests were male and 49 per cent were female
• Almost 30 per cent of male attendees had a moustache
• Hence, DART’s deduced that agency land is a big supporter of the men’s health initiative Movember
• 10.2 per cent of attendees sported a ‘hipster beard’ against the national average of five per cent. Meaning agency land does, as we’ve all long suspected, have an over-representation of hipsters
• The technology found that 40 per cent of party goers were in a happy mood. However, we have no idea about the mood of the other 60 per cent!

For more information on DART 2.0 insights check out this promotional video.

Some interesting facts on DART 2.0 include:

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