Delivers Journey Builder for Apps Delivers Journey Builder for Apps, has delivered Journey Builder for Apps, defining the new frontier for customer engagement in the age of mobile apps.

Journey Builder for Apps is the first solution that empowers any company to deliver personalised customer journeys directly from mobile apps, creating interactive experiences that drive brand engagement and loyalty.

With Journey Builder for Apps, any company can now unleash the power of the CRM platform to seamlessly connect the customer journey across sales, service, marketing and communities.

Companies including Sony PlayStation, HSN, SkyMall and Luxury Retreats are making the shift from campaign-focused marketing to personalised 1:1 customer journeys to connect with customers in entirely new ways.

“Mobile apps have changed everything,” said Scott McCorkle, CEO, Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud. “Apps are how we run our lives, they converge the physical and digital worlds and they open up an entirely new world of opportunities for marketers to connect with customers. With Journey Builder for Apps, now every app can take customers on a journey, not just take up space on a phone or tablet.”

“At Sony PlayStation, we are committed to creating and optimising 1:1 customer journeys across all channels and devices,” said Sabine Vanin, CRM manager, Sony PlayStation. “The Marketing Cloud enables us to analyse in-game data to deliver personalised content across digital channels and connect with gamers in entirely new ways.”

“As the leading interactive entertainment and lifestyle retailer, it is imperative that we listen to our customers in real-time to make sure we are providing a highly relevant and personalised experience,” said Annemarie Frank, VP consumer marketing for HSN. “Working with ExactTarget Marketing Cloud supports our boundaryless retail strategy to deliver customised customer experiences across all our platforms.”

“Since apps are now core to every customer’s life, they also need to be core to every company’s customer engagement strategy,” said Gerry Murray, research manager, IDC. “Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud is raising the stakes with Journey Builder for Apps by allowing every company to deliver personalised customer experiences that drive app adoption, usage, and in turn more loyal customers.”

Journey Builder for Apps – Defining the New Frontier for Customer Engagement

We are in the midst of a mobile revolution. There are currently a combined 2.2 million apps available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. And in 2013, people downloaded 80 billion apps, a number that will grow to 160 billion by 2017, according to eMarketer. Apps and devices are essential to every customer’s life, and every company’s strategy.

To succeed in the age of mobile apps, companies know they need to do more than just launch an app. They need to deliver engaging customer journeys, with compelling and relevant app experiences that build binding relationships with customers.

Now Any Company Can Connect Customer Journeys to Their Mobile Apps

Journey Builder for Apps is the first solution that empowers any company to deliver personalised customer journeys directly from mobile apps. Now every app can take customers on a journey, not just take up space on a phone or tablet. Journey Builder for Apps connects customer journeys to apps, products and locations like never before – from driving downloads with personalised emails, mobile messages or ads to building new customer relationships by communicating 1:1 in-app or through a connected device.

With Journey Builder for Apps, now any company can stand out in the age of mobile apps with solutions that:

  • Create and plan customer app journeys – Companies can now map out customer journeys with simple, intuitive Journey Maps, and then activate those journeys inside mobile apps and across any digital channel with a single click. Journeys can be triggered by any interaction with the app and users will receive personalised communications based on choices they make and actions they take in apps, on websites, or through any other digital interaction with a brand.
  • Drive app downloads and engagement – Marketers can drive multi-channel marketing across channels like email and social advertising to drive app downloads, create mobile notifications to drive app adoption and publish targeted in-app content to drive deeper app engagement.
  • Build journeys fast with Journey Templates – Pre-built journeys help companies boost app downloads, on-board new app users with a great first experience, increase app engagement with personalised content and optimise customer engagement with analytics.
  • Connect apps to any customer interaction – Automated triggers can publish new content based upon the context of the customer, including updated loyalty program data or recent app usage. In addition, companies can set up wait times, decision splits and custom triggers that leverage real-time data across sales, marketing, service and communities.
  • Connect locations and products to the journey – Customer journeys can also be triggered based on data from geo-fencing, beacons and wearable devices. The Journey Builder for Apps SDK and Salesforce1 Platform service Heroku offer powerful and easy ways for companies to integrate connected spaces and products into their apps.
  • Build, scale and deploy engaging, transformational apps – Also announced today, Heroku DX provides companies and their developers with a single end-to-end platform for building engaging apps that utilise Journey Builder for Apps. Heroku DX’s new Dashboard + Metrics, database analytics and Heroku Button allow developers to create the next wave of engaging mobile apps faster and easier.

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