Past Hairdresser Calls Jackie O “Black Widow” And “Assassin” Live On-Air

Past Hairdresser Calls Jackie O “Black Widow” And “Assassin” Live On-Air

Kyle and Jackie O are no strangers to stirring up a bit of controversial content, but today the shoe was on the other foot, with one half of the duo, Jackie Henderson, copping a wave of criticism from a past hairdresser.

Hairdresser Carole Haddad from the Corcorz Hair salon in Brisbane was interviewed on celebrity clients in the Courier Mail, and said everyone is lovely “except for Jackie O”.

So the KIIS FM hosts called Haddad up live on-air to find out why she held such a grudge, which apparently came about when she worked in hair and makeup for Big Brother back in 2008 when Kyle and Jackie O were hosts.

“Do you want me to tell you live on radio?” Haddad asked.

“We were booked to come for every Sunday. As a single mum and I care for my mother, I travelled all the way down to Dreamworld to do your hair.

“You didn’t even turn up to hair and makeup. You did not even bother telling us not to come. You did your own hair and makeup.

“A lot of people think Kyle is a diva but I believe it’s you Jackie,” she added. “I believe you’re the quietest assassin there is in Australia.”

When Henderson claimed it was a result of a “communication breakdown” and that she had informed production that she would do her own hair and makeup, Haddad refused to back down.

“You actually totally ignored hair and makeup,” the hairdresser said. “Not to turn up to hair and makeup, I thought that was rude”.

The fiery exchange continued as follows:

“Do you know how embarrassing it is for you in your profession to talk badly about people,” Jackie O asked. “Do you know that’s the biggest no no?”

Haddad replied, “Do you know how unprofessional it is in your industry to treat hairdressers like peasants?”

Henderson offered up an apology, before asking, “Is that what warrants going and absolutely shit canning me in the paper?”

“Well no, not really,” Haddad admitted, before adding, “I just said diva and you are a diva. You’re the black widow of the TV stations.”

“You’re crazy,” Henderson replied. “I honestly can’t believe that”.

The pair have previously stirred the pot on-air with a number of salacious pieces, including swearing prolifically on radio, storming out after on-air fights, and spreading nasty rumours about AFL players.


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