Nike, TBWA\ Sydney, Modibodi & Wavemaker Win Big At Inaugural TikTok Awards

Nike, TBWA\ Sydney, Modibodi & Wavemaker Win Big At Inaugural TikTok Awards

The winners of Australia’s inaugural TikTok Ad Awards have been announced, with Nike and Modibodi winning big, as well as TBWA\ Sydney and B&T’s own Media Agency of the Year, Wavemaker.

Attended by over 200 senior marketing and agency leaders across the industry, the awards celebrated brilliant agencies and brands leading the way with creative, high-performing, and impactful campaigns on TikTok.

Winning campaigns including, Nike ‘1000 Victories’ and Hismile ‘VIRAL Purple Serum’, led the way with innovative strategies and ad solutions that embraced TikTok by creating campaigns that skilfully balanced high-performance goals with creativity and entertainment. Local teams from Wavemaker and TBWA Sydney were crowned Media Agency of the Year and Creative Agency of the Year, as both agencies have established themselves as leaders of creative excellence on TikTok, setting the gold standard across the industry. Consent Labs’ #ClassifyConsent campaign was honoured with the Greatest For Good Award, acknowledging campaigns that effectively utilised entertainment on TikTok to bring about significant social change.

Brett Armstrong, general manager, global business solutions for Australia & New Zealand at TikTok, said, “Australia consistently punches above its weight when it comes to creativity and innovation. Last night was a great moment to celebrate the work our clients have brought to life on TikTok. We know that TikTok drives business impact for our partners, but on a personal note I’m proud of the work on platform that also drives positive social change. We look forward to supporting brands and agencies to do even bigger and better next year”.

The full list of winning campaigns, brands and agencies is as follows:

Greatest Brand Campaign

Brands that have partnered with us to deliver best in class campaigns that drive brand outcomes.

WINNER: Nike – 1000 Victories

@nike Victory is… 🧐 Nike Presents: 1000 Victories – A TikTok Community Story | Part 1 #NikeFC ♬ original sound – Nike

In this world-first TikTok branded documentary, Nike launched the #1000Victories campaign to inspire the next generation of female athletes to celebrate their victories on and off the field.

Greatest Performance Campaign

Brands who have broken through with performance marketing on TikTok.

WINNER: Hismile – VIRAL Purple Serum

@hismile She tries the POPULAR serum 😦 #fyp #viral ♬ original sound – hismile

A masterclass in performance marketing, this fun campaign grabbed the attention of the TikTok community with splashes of bright purple taking over the For You feed.

Greatest Creative Campaign

Brands that dared to push the boundaries of creativity on TikTok.

WINNER: ModiBodi – I’m Dying Inside

Starring TikTok comedian and actor Samantha Andrew, this ‘made for TikTok’ 5 part period drama offers a candid and humorous perspective on modern period experiences.

Greatest For Good Award

Campaigns that use the power of entertainment on TikTok to drive social impact.

WINNER: Consent Labs – #ClassifyConsent

Launched on TikTok by Consent Labs, this campaign advocated for a “”Lack of Consent”” classification to call out depictions of non-consensual acts on screen.

Media Agency of the Year

Media agencies that have embraced TikTok to drive phenomenal results for their clients’ unique goals.

WINNER: Wavemaker

Wavemaker continues to collaborate with TikTok to deliver campaigns that go the extra mile for their clients. With a high product adoption rate and best-in-class campaigns, Wavemaker led an incredible year of partnership in 2023.

Creative Agency of the Year

Visionary agencies who have set the gold standard for creative excellence on TikTok.


TBWA Sydney consistently goes above and beyond and is never shy about using the power TikTok has as a platform to craft innovative and award-winning campaigns that drive results for their clients.

Advertiser of the Year

This award celebrates the brand that has set the benchmark for excellence on TikTok, through innovative strategies, product adoption and an unwavering commitment to building authentic connections with their audiences.


Across their suite of brands, L’Oréal are the epitome of how client partnerships should be. CeraVe for instance, is a 15-year-old brand that was ‘discovered’ on TikTok.

For You Award

Individuals who champion the impact of TikTok across their business.

WINNER: Alex Lee, Global Mobile User Acquisition Specialist – Canva

Alex is always vigilant, patiently understanding and fearlessly experimenting to deliver impact for Canva. From spearheading the #PrintWithCanva campaign to leading an always-on creator approach, he is a trusted partner and advocate for TikTok.

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