“As If”: Network 10 Denies The Honey Badger’s Secret Contract Claim For The Bachelor

“As If”: Network 10 Denies The Honey Badger’s Secret Contract Claim For The Bachelor

Network 10 has rubbished a claim by its last star of The Bachelor Australia, Nick “The Honey Badger” Cummins, that the reality TV show enforces a secret commitment contract for eventual couples.

The former international rugby player left viewers of The Bachelor stunned earlier this year when he decided not to choose Sophie Tieman nor Brittany Hockley in the finale.

However, in an interview on ABC Radio National Radio on Wednesday, “The Honey Badger” explained his shock decision came down to contractual obligations on the reality TV show, which he claims would have forced him to stay with whoever he chose for a period of time after the show ended.

“I was actually disappointed that people are so brainwashed. You’re not going to get your fairytale ending every time,” Cummins told listeners.

“And what’s more important, me just saying ‘yes’ and going through the motions and dragging some girl through all this media about how we’re in love and then three months down the track after the contract’s over, um, we’re allowed to break up.

“I’m not going to drag them through that rubbish… and break her heart. Bugger that.”

However, Network 10 has fired back at Cummins’ claim.

“As if! There is no way 10 would have a contract that says The Bachelor Australia couple has to stay together after the show finishes. Not a chance, it’s up to them,” a Network 10 spokesperson told B&T.

This isn’t the first time that there’s been speculation around whether or not this type of contractual obligation is enforced on 10’s dating shows.

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