Mobile Storage Company Uses Gamification To Increase Bookings

Mobile Storage Company Uses Gamification To Increase Bookings

Australian mobile storage company Taxibox has built a fully playable online game to improve their conversion rates online. Taxiblox is a block stacking game similar to Tetris, with the twist being that players are given the challenge of rapidly rotating and moving different pieces of furniture so they fit inside a mobile storage unit.

The game is not without reward though, players are incentivised with prizes of up to $50 off their booking if they achieve a high enough score. The team at Taxibox are using the game as a strategy to boost the conversion rate of customers who request a quote for a mobile storage unit. The idea was developed in-house, with the build outsourced to a local developer.

Director Ben Cohn said the project took nearly three months to complete and involved a team of eight people.

“I’ve become an absolute expert at this game, having played it so many times during the testing process” Cohn said. “Some of the most fun aspects of the build were choosing which furniture items to design each shape to resemble. There’s even a Christmas tree that pops up, which looks pretty silly”

The game is being primarily promoted on Taxibox’s social media, with players encouraged to share their score on Facebook at the Game Over screen. Since it was launched at the end of August, the game has been played by more than 1,600 people, with at least 100 making a discounted booking as a direct result of the game.

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