DDB’s Macca’s ‘Australiano’ Coffee Gets Roasted For Appropriating Indigenous Ingredients

DDB’s Macca’s ‘Australiano’ Coffee Gets Roasted For Appropriating Indigenous Ingredients

A new coffee on McDonalds’ McCafe menu dubbed the “Australiano” – conceived and launched by its creative agency DDB Sydney – has come under fire for attempting to “colonise” foods that belong to First nations people.

The Australiano is produced through a combination of chai, McCafe’s traditional coffee beans and the native Australian wattleseed and will be available for a limited time only.

However, it is this final ingredient that has caused the company to come under fire, with recent reports claiming that they used it without acknowledging its cultural history. Only about one percent of Australia’s overall wattle produce is generated by Indigenous Australians, as shown by previous studies, with McDonald’s refusing to reveal their source for the key ingredient of their new coffee.

The company was accused by academics for attempting to “colonise” Indigenous foods through the launch of the Australiano. Reportedly, wattle was used by Indigenous communities over 50,000 years ago as a means to signify the changing of the seasons.

McDonald’s have also been accused for not using the word ‘Indigenous’ throughout their ad, opting instead for the word ‘native’, a term that cannot be tied to the Aboriginal communities.

Because of this, the entire campaign has been branded as a cynical exercise to generate revenue, without showing real consideration for the feelings of the people of First Nations.

DDB Sydney were quoted on saying in regards to the matter: “The Australiano features 100% roasted and ground wattleseed, sourced from Indigenous and Australian farmers and communities across South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and the Northern Territory.

“Our supplier, Australian Superfoods Co, has a policy of prioritising the sourcing of native produce from Indigenous Australians. They work with Indigenous communities to wild harvest produce, as well as with local and Indigenous farmers cultivating native fruits, herbs and seeds, including the wattleseed.

“Aussie ingredients are essential to McDonald’s great tasting, great value menu.

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