Marketing Mavericks: BMW’s Tony Sesto

Marketing Mavericks: BMW’s Tony Sesto

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Marketing Mavericks was a supplement in the latest mag, featuring some of Australia’s most daring and bold marketers. Today, we’re bringing you BMW head of marketing Tony Sesto.

Petrol Head  Detentioner  Made Good

Starting as the general manager of Motorrad ANZ, and moving up the ranks to general manager of MINI ANZ, Tony has certainly cemented himself as a true marketing maverick, as he now heads up the entire BMW Australia marketing division. It’s clear Tony has always been a kind of revhead, beginning his marketing career at Honda Australia as a motorcycle market analyst (he even had a thing for aviation when he was a kid). 

When I was 10, I dreamed of being a pilot. But to be honest, all of that changed when I realised what I had to do to get into aviation. 

There are a few brands I truly admire (apart from BMW, of course). I love the creativity and humor that ALDI weaves into its branding. And then I really admire the whole customer experience and service that Apple consistently delivers.

On what always works in marketing, and what never works, I’d have to say you’re only as good as the team you have behind you. It’s important you let them flourish and make decisions for themselves – it’s why you hired them in the first place! And also, no-one likes working for a control freak. 

The best tip I could offer to marketing graduates would be first, find who you want to work with. The second and most important step is don’t take no for an answer. Find a way! There’s almost always a way to get where you want to be. 

Your school reports were: (A) All As (B) A few “try harder” (C) Afternoon detentions and parents called to the principal’s office?

(C) Afternoon detentions and parents called to the principal’s office. 



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