Inside NGEN: How NGEN helped me build my career

Inside NGEN: How NGEN helped me build my career

In this monthly column with NGEN, the MFA’s training program for media professionals with less than five years experience, KINESSO’s Moeed Vayani recounts his career journey so far – and NGEN’s role in setting him up for success.

You may have seen the stats. Seven out of 10 people currently working in the media industry have been through the Media Federation of Australia’s NGEN program.

As someone still in the midst of my NGEN journey, I’m extremely grateful to the MFA and NGEN for helping shape my career and helping me foster connections within the dynamic Australian media industry.

Back in September 2021, I was one of the lucky recipients of the MFA Tertiary Scholarship, which granted me access to the MFA Digital Foundations certification. This comprehensive program covered core topics in digital media, including Display, SEM, Video, Social, SEO, Content Marketing, Programmatic and Measurement, and equipped me with essential knowledge for a successful entry into the media industry. It really was a game-changer for me.

Once I completed the certification, MFA facilitated interviews with member agencies. Thanks to this support, I connected with prominent companies such as IPG, WPP, Publicis, Match & Wood, and more. My journey led me to a role at KINESSO as a performance coordinator — a milestone I owe to MFA’s director of people, Linda Wong.

Two months into my role, I discovered NGEN. As the MFA’s most established program, NGEN’s mission is to empower emerging media professionals to build successful careers in the industry.

I started off by attending an immersive Media Bootcamp, where industry leaders shared their experiences and insights. Collaborating on live briefs and networking with colleagues further enriched my understanding of media crafts. Eager to contribute, I applied to become an NGEN Committee member to represent my agency.

Since November 2022, I’ve actively assisted fellow colleagues at Kinesso in registering for NGEN learning workshops, helped organise events like the NGEN Charity Cup and annual Halloween Party, and collaborated with fellow NGEN Committee members from a broad variety of media agencies and media owners.

It’s no exaggeration to say that through NGEN, I’ve built an extensive network within Melbourne’s media industry – a feat that would have been impossible otherwise.

So for anyone new to the industry, here are some cool NGEN benefits and reasons you should get involved:

NGEN accelerates your learning

NGEN’s calendar brims with curated experiences led by industry veterans. Imagine sitting down with a seasoned journalist, a digital marketing guru, or a creative director. Decode programmatic advertising, understand audience segmentation, and master SEO – NGEN equips you for success.

Find your tribe and build connections

Within NGEN, you’ll find a supportive tribe. Swap ideas, collaborate on projects, and celebrate wins. Whether virtually or in person, NGEN fosters connections that fuel your passion. And from what I’ve heard from more senior people in the industry, these connections stay with you throughout your career.

Access all areas

Stay ahead of the curve with NGEN’s insider insights. From emerging trends to disruptive technologies, NGEN keeps you informed. Imagine having a backstage pass to media conferences, where you engage with thought leaders and gain exclusive access to research reports. It’s like having a front-row seat to the media revolution.

Welcoming diverse perspectives

NGEN champions diversity. It’s not just about gender or ethnicity; it’s about encouraging diverse perspectives. Whether you’re from a regional town, an LGBTQ+ advocate, or a neurodivergent thinker, NGEN celebrates your uniqueness.

Media thrives on diverse voices, and NGEN ensures everyone has a seat at the table.

So, if you’re ready to help shape the media landscape, join NGEN. Your story awaits! 🎙️📺🎥


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