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Initiative’s Maddison Keogh: “Taking A Stand Is More Important Than Ever”

Initiative’s Maddison Keogh: “Taking A Stand Is More Important Than Ever”
B&T Magazine
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Success in marketing campaigns comes from those that create real change, according to Initiative’s director of client advice and management, Maddison Keogh.

During this year’s B&T Women in Media Awards, presented by Are Media, we’ll be recognising exceptional people who have achieved success in their professional arenas, celebrating their invaluable contribution to their industry through leadership, innovation and courage.

A recent 30 Under 30 winner in the ‘Media Planner/Buyer’ category, Maddison Keogh is the director of client advice and management at Initiative, a full-service global media agency under IPG Mediabrands.

B&T recently spoke to Keogh about whether the uncertainty of 2020 carries opportunities for the advertising, marketing and media industry, and where fearlessness—which she describes as being “bold, brave and unapologetic”— could help the industry break the status quo.

What does ‘fearlessness’ mean to you, Maddison?

To be fearless means to be bold, brave and unapologetic about who you are or what you stand for. Fearlessness means going after what you want and never having to compromise.

For me, it is waking up every day and deciding to be better and do better. Every day offers a new opportunity to be fearless, to challenge yourself and make a difference in the world.

What does fearlessness in advertising, marketing, or the media look like?

Fearlessness in the media industry is agencies and businesses alike being clear on what they stand for. Also provoking and empowering their people, their clients and the community to constantly challenge themselves and question what their impact in the world will be.

To be fearless in marketing is to challenge the status quo, to never shy away from a challenge and to take a leading role as a bold and unapologetic member of our industry.

Do you believe the advertising, marketing and media industries have been ‘fearless’ in 2020?

It has been an extremely tough year for the marketing and media industries, and I do not think we’ll fully realise the impact of COVID-19 on companies and people for years to come.

Tough decisions have been made and I do believe the leaders of our industry have been fearless in protecting people and future proofing their businesses as best they can.

However, the world isn’t just dealing with COVID-19. This year has been a pivotal moment in history with several social justice issues forcing companies to revaluate what they stand for. We have seen fearless agencies and brands re-strategise and transform their marketing plans into an opportunity to give back to the community.

Whether that was an evolution of their product or service through COVID-19, such as alcohol and cosmetic companies manufacturing hand sanitiser, or brands weighing the importance of taking a stand for what they believe, is right and purposefully incites change.

The world is demanding change right now and fearless companies who are fighting for change are standing out.

How can professionals in the media, broadly, be fearless in times of change?

The Australian media industry is extremely influential. We are a tight knit community and we have the critical responsibility of directing our client’s media strategy and investment.

It is more important than ever that we are educating our clients on the best decisions for them as a business, and for our community. I believe success in marketing campaigns comes from those that create real change. Whether that is change for the brand, for the consumer or for the community, taking a stand and creating a long-term impact is more important than ever.

Agencies shouldn’t be afraid to challenge their brands to be bold, and to strive to better the world we live in – and also lead by example.

The Women in Media Awards will be held on Wednesday 28 October 2020, at Doltone House (Jones Bay Wharf).

If you’d like more information about the event, head to this website.

You can also check out who made this year’s shortlist, here.

Thank you to all of our incredible sponsors for making the event possible!


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Maddison Keogh women in media awards

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