Inclusive Australia Creates ‘Australia’s Most Diverse Instagram Account’ Via Thinkerbell

Inclusive Australia Creates ‘Australia’s Most Diverse Instagram Account’ Via Thinkerbell

Not-for-profit organisation Inclusive Australia is encouraging Australians to diversify their social media feed in its latest campaign.

Made up of a growing alliance of organisations and high-profile ambassadors, Inclusive Australia aims to create a society where all people feel they belong and are valued, and difference is respected and celebrated.

In partnership with Monash University, Inclusive Australia compiled the Social Inclusion Index – the first research of its kind to measure the overarching issue of social inclusion in Australia.

With social media often propagating groups of ‘sameness’, Inclusive Australia is asking people to follow @_somebodydifferent, Australia’s most diverse Instagram account. Owned by a different person each day, the aim is to encourage Australians to diversify their social feeds, so they can get an insight into different lives and better appreciate people outside their bubble.

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Mel, Footscray Five images that represent me. 1. I’m not a laze on the beach and do nothing kind of girl but after almost 2 years straight on the road for work I found myself loving doing just that in Portugal this year. 2. Recently took a Thai cooking class with my mum and friends. Learning and laughing a great combination. 3. Being on the road so much friends are so important and this crew from all over the world keep me sane. 4. Some of my best childhood memories where centred around backyard cricket at my Grandparents place in Rutherglen. 5. Impossible to pick. I did chose this one from years ago when I was in Uganda to see the gorillas. My favourite place is where there is an adventure and I’m meeting new people, hearing their stories, being introduced to new things.

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Inclusive Australia CEO Andrea Pearman said the impact of social exclusion could no longer be ignored.

“We all tend to surround ourselves with people who look and think like we do. That is why we are asking people to take the small step of following @_somebodydifferent on Instagram or joining the alliance,” she said.

“Exploring differences can be challenging. But we know from history that when we embrace the difference of our people and communities, we are successful both socially and economically.”

Thinkerbell Jim Ingram added: “We are all different, it’s what makes us human. By following @_somebodydifferent, you’re opening yourself up to Australians you otherwise wouldn’t see. This is a genuine opportunity to help better Australia, and in doing so, better yourself too.”


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