“I’d Rather Die Than Do This For A Day!” Influencer Lampooned For Job Ad From Hell

“I’d Rather Die Than Do This For A Day!” Influencer Lampooned For Job Ad From Hell

Does the whole influencer thing leave you cold and confused? Well, a new job ad that’s popped up will possibly leave you even more bemused and baffled than you already are.

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The job ad for an influencer’s PA appeared on US site Entertainment Careers last week and included a list of criteria that critics have labelled “digusting”. The ad’s since been removed.

Who the actual influencer is isn’t revealed in the ad, suffice to say he/she claims to have 10 million-plus followers.

The ad was first spotted by Taylor Lorenz, a journalist for The New York Times, who then posted it to Twitter (check it out in full below).

To be successful in the role the ad said applicants must be adept in social media management, cooking, cleaning, researching, producing and will be required to wake the client every day.

Additionally, the successful applicant would be required to drive the client wherever they like and pack and unpack their bags.

They must also “remain sober” and cannot take photos while on the job or “be/seem to be driven by fame” and must “answer your phone/be on call 24/7.”

The ad also insists that you’re essentially incapable of having feelings. “You must keep all emotion/private life matters completely away from this world… You must be able to be the bad guy, remove emotion and bounce back instantly from any mistakes.”

The job reportedly paying a reasonable $US35-$30 an hour.

Unsurprisingly, the advertisement found few fans online.

“I would rather die than do any of this for even one day,” wrote one.

Another added: “I am getting PTSD flashbacks from reading this job description.”

Check out the ad in full below:







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