Why The ‘Shrimp On The Barbie’ Ad Remains Brilliant!

Why The ‘Shrimp On The Barbie’ Ad Remains Brilliant!

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Jesse Desjardins from Tourism Australia takes us through one of the most iconic Aussie ads and how Australia can't be branded into just one category anymore.


The ‘shrimp on the barbie’ tourism ad and the Crocodile Dundee movies starring Paul Hogan contributed to an extraordinary jump in visitor numbers to Australia in the late 1980s.

Hogan’s charm and charisma made him one of Australia’s most influential spokespersons of that time and, indeed, maybe of all time. But it wasn’t just Hogan. A unique and incredible interplay of circumstances, politics, and personalities combined to create a seismic shift in how Australia and other countries around the world promoted themselves as holiday destinations.

However, now 30 years on Australia is far too multicultural and complex a brand to be represented by a single spokesperson. But, by tapping into the collective genius of Australians, the tourism industry, and millions of international visitors, Tourism Australia (TA) is harnessing a new form of destination advocacy.

By embracing the power of social media, Australia’s national tourism organisation has created an army of passionate advocates who, collectively, have become perfect spokespeople for today. 

Each and every day they are helping to tell Australia’s rich and varied brand story in a far deeper and more powerful way than was ever achieved by Paul Hogan and Australia’s most iconic tourism ad. 

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