How Alan Jones Is Taking Over Facebook

How Alan Jones Is Taking Over Facebook

Where on earth is Alan Jones? Is probably not a question you’ve had to ask before. Still, since his departure from sky news, you may be wondering where The Parrot has landed – the answer is Facebook.

Jones has made a career out of having an opinion from his 2GB days, where he held court calling out politicians and expressing his concerns.

To his foray onto Sky News, where he shared his views on COVID-19 restrictions and showed off his colourful wardrobe – the man really can pull off hot pink.

And of course, then there were his columns in The Daily Telegraph that saw Jones share his controversial opinions via print.

Jones has always had a platform to share his views, and yet as we near the end of 2021, Jones is no longer behind a major masthead.

He has long departed from 2GB, left Sky News after his prime time spot was taken away and is no longer writing for News Corp.

Jones is now free and apparently investing his time into Facebook.

While that may sound silly or frivolous. You have to remember the power of Jones, he isn’t exactly reposting wine memes, he is still commenting on current affairs.

His reach on Facebook can’t be ignored his page has over 150,000 likes. His posts average at least a thousand likes, and his posts produce hundreds if not thousands of comments.

Jones has also debuted his first Facebook live – cementing his fate as a Facebook celebrity.

His first live is a Q&A with former prime minister Tony Abbot and Aboriginal activist and politician Jacinta Price, and it has racked up at least 57,000 views.

Jones is now finding his place away from the mainstream, and naturally, he has a new mantra, “Direct to the people.”

Of course, Jones’ website threatens bigger things; currently, it instructs you to enter your details, if you’d like to know where Jones will be next!

However, in the meantime, you’ll find Jones on Facebook covering politics the way he always has, with passion and perhaps a little anger. His audience is equally enraptured by his views on the current ongoings in the world.

Suddenly there’s no middle man between Jones and his audience, and yes perhaps the middle man cut himself out. Still, Jones has always been good at cultivating a passionate following and it’ll be interesting to see if his Facebook page becomes less of a page and more of a community.

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