Here’s What A Bunch Of Kids Really Think Of Bankers

Here’s What A Bunch Of Kids Really Think Of Bankers

As adults we fast learn the banks – typically – are a pack of money-leeching assholes. But what do a pack of fresh-faced young eight year olds think of a financier friends?

Well, it would appear from a new Belgium campaign, the kids are about as fond as bankers as they’re parents are.

The Belgian Financial Sector Federation – Febelfin – has launched a campaign designed to raise the profile and the appeal of banks and encourage kiddies to consider it as a future career.

The spot – created by agency Duval Guillaume – decided the best message was an honest one and judging by the kids’ responses the Belgian banking industry has some dire PR issues indeed. Arguably, not dissimilar to the Australian industry, really.

When asked if they’d consider a career as a banker as they got older, the kids responses included: “They only want money for themselves”, “They drink alcohol to forget about it all, and “I don’t think they’re really honest.”

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