Google’s 2021 Ad Report Shows Over Three Billion Ads Were Banned From The Platform

Google’s 2021 Ad Report Shows Over Three Billion Ads Were Banned From The Platform

According to the advertising report that was released by Google for the previous year, 3,4 billion ads were taken down from its websites, with a further 5,7 billion ads restricted and 5,6 million advertiser accounts suspended.

Within the report, the company stresses that it places the security of the people on its platform above all else, standing on the over-30 changes in policies for advertisers and publishers that it made during the course of the previous year.

Furthermore, Google point out its swift response on the ongoing war in Ukraine as the company promptly took down any form of advertisement that attempted to exploit such a sensitive situation. The report also states that the company have taken all necessary measures to pause all their business in Russia and the advertising of Russian products on their platform.

On a clear data basis, Google has taken down over eight million ads which are associated to the Ukrainian war.

The report also made special note of the company’s latest policies in preventing fraudulent activities on its platform, pointing out the more in-depth methods which violators are going through to avoid been detected. Google stress that they have new verification systems in place which will help them stay up-to-date with those trying to break the rules.

The pandemic has been an important issue for many across the world and naturally Google was one of them, with the company taking down ads on over 500,000 pages that appeared to include false information regarding the disease. Google also supported local governments and other organisations by investing over $250 million in campaigns for public vaccination announcements. Additionally, the report states that last year they launched a new policy in regards to the verification of information about Climate Change.

The report also outlines the moves that Google plans to take moving forward, with the launch of the “About This Ad” feature being first on their agenda. This new option will allow users to better understand why they’re seeing an ad and who’s behind it.

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