Ferrier’s THINKERBELL Unveils Foundation Win

Ferrier’s THINKERBELL Unveils Foundation Win

Launching earlier last month, THINKERBELL has announced that its foundation client is 13CABS, the consumer-facing brand of Cabcharge, one of Australia’s largest companies.

13CABS plays a significant role in Australia’s transportation infrastructure, responsible for almost half of the taxis on our roads in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Stuart Overell, chief operating officer 13CABS said: “I’m pleased to welcome the THINKERBELL team on board, we’ve got some fantastic stuff in the pipeline and we can’t wait to help build this great brand together.”

Jim Ingram, creative founder of THINKERBELL, said: “13CABS is a brilliant business. We’ve been brought in to help build the entire brand, from driver recruitment right through to consumer facing coms. And as we understand more about the role 13CABS actually plays in the lives of regular Australians, the more we want people to realise that cabs are a part of the fabric of our community.”

Liz Attia, head of marketing at 13CABS said: “I’ve worked with Jim, Cuz and Adam for several years, and love the energy and behaviour change focus of THINKERBELL and their ‘Measured Magic’”.

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