Digital Marketing: From Confusion To Clarity

Digital Marketing: From Confusion To Clarity

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There's bucketloads of different digital marketing options, it's about time marketers wrapped their heads around it.


Have you been asking yourself over the past couple of years how you can harness the power of digital, including social media, apps, Facebook, smartphones, tablets, Twitter, games, responsive design, conversational search marketing, ratings, reviews, e-commerce, advocacy, Pinterest, blogs, Tumblr, NFC (near field communication), and wearable tech to name a few?

And with data being captured for every digital action – in fact, 90% of the world’s data has been generated in the past two years – are you getting a major headache from trying to find insights in your ‘life changing’ dashboards and executive data reports?

Well, the good news is that you’re not alone – 91% of marketers don’t know if their digital marketing is working.

We work in a digital, data-driven economy. We said goodbye to the industrial revolution long ago, and now we’re well and truly in the age of technology. Today’s marketing economy is not run by creative and media giants but by data scientists, content officers, chief technologists and the new CEOs (chief experience officers).

Gut feel has given way to behavioural analysis and a whole new world in which proving (or disproving) a marketing return on investment is the priority. And with all this activity has come great confusion and chaos.

However, as chaos theory has proved, within disorder can be found order – order in the sense of successful marketing strategies, improved customer satisfaction and, ultimately, profitable business growth.

This new world brings great opportunities, and like all new opportunities, these require new learnings. These learnings in turn demand new skills, reassessments and actionable steps that will revamp your approach to marketing.

Now as management consultants, we at TrinityP3 are constantly talking with clients who feel lost in today’s digital marketing world, unsure of how to proceed. Many senior marketers who were classically trained in the 4Ps are feeling increasingly out of touch in an age when social networks, advocacy and engagement rule discussion.

Campaigns have given way to brands that need to be ‘always on’. One-off strategies have given way to the monitoring of consumer sentiment, the sparking of conversations and the delivery of relevance throughout a customer’s life cycle.

So we have created the ultimate guide to digital in a data-driven world, to help you navigate the hype.

Download the guide here.

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