Deloitte Unveils ‘Many Voices, One Song’ In First Work From Y&R Sydney

Deloitte Unveils ‘Many Voices, One Song’ In First Work From Y&R Sydney

In its first campaign from Y&R Sydney, Deloitte features its own employees and Melbourne community choir, ‘THE CHO!R’, to spread the message about the importance of diversity and inclusion.

The film showcases how disjointed organisations, communities and businesses would be if certain groups didn’t have a voice. The campaign will be used internally as well as highlighting how Deloitte can help other businesses meet their diversity, inclusion and leadership needs. 

Deloitte CMO, Matt McGrath says: “It has been very exciting to do something that’s really fresh and different. Deloitte is one of Australia’s most innovative businesses, we always want to push boundaries and we believe this film says something new and different and that it will resonate with all Australians.” 

Margaret Dreyer, senior partner and Deloitte’s National Diversity & Inclusion Leader added: “It is our firm belief that our values of respect and inclusion enable us to deliver the very best solutions to solve our clients’ most complex issues.”

The project elicited passion from all involved. Associate Creative Director Jeremy Hogg, Y&R Sydney says: “In the world we live, there literally cannot be enough of these types of messages. We are proud to partner with Deloitte to produce something as powerful as we have.”

The piece was directed by The Sweetshop’s Youness Benali, who said it’s a project close to his heart: “I’m a Swedish man, raised in Stockholm, but I’m not blonde and my eyes aren’t blue. I don’t look like the stereotypical Swede, because I was born to Moroccan parents. Diversity has always been at the centre of my life and I offer my utmost respect to Deloitte for championing and shining light on the huge importance of diversity.” 


Client: Deloitte

Senior Partner & National Diversity & Inclusion Leader: Margaret Dreyer

Partner & Chief Marketing Officer: Matt McGrath

Diversity & Inclusion Communication Manager: Adrian Letilovic

Content Writing Manager: Emily Emmerson

Head of Digital Marketing: Junna Massey

Content Marketing Manager: Shivaun Hales

Senior Consultant, Social Media & SEM: Rebecca Dyce

Designer, Deloitte: Briana Russell


Agency: Y&R Sydney

Chief Creative Officer: Paul Nagy

Creative Directors: David Joubert, Jeremy Hogg, and Richard Shaw

Copywriter: Tina Funder

Group Account Director: Aaron Swan

Senior Account Manager: Stef Barry

Account Manager: Sannidhi Mehta

Production Company: The Sweet Shop

Director: Youness Benali

Producer: Zena Bartlett

Executive Producer: Edwards Pontifex, Loren Bradley

Managing Partner: Wilf Sweetland

DOP: John Toon



Composer: Benjamin Lycke

Choir Master: Johnathon Welch



Executive Producer: Karla Henwood

Sound Engineer: Stuart Welch

Producer: Emma Hodge

Producer: Zabrina Wong

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