Celeste Barber Teams Up With Bras N Things For A Relatable Lingerie Collection

Celeste Barber Teams Up With Bras N Things For A Relatable Lingerie Collection
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Comedian and social media star, Celeste Barber has collaborated with lingerie brand Bras N Things for a relatable and wearable lingerie collection.

Barber’s collaboration with Bras N Things is bright, vibrant and fun. It’s relaxed and comfortable but there is also plenty of drama and sass.

Barber worked closely with the Bras N Things team to bring her vision for the collection to life, so it is a true reflection of the funny lady and everything people love about her.

Every piece either tells a story about Barber or was inspired by something she loves. The Drama range is inspired by a story Celeste told the Bras N Things designers about a time she was poolside in LA, wearing a long maxi silk robe, heels and oversized sunnies.

A glamourous look that could only be described as ‘so much drama’. With this inspiration in mind, the Drama robe was created and features a bold floral print that pops on the rich, 2 dark background colours in luscious silky fabric.

Barber’s “favourite bra in the world,” the Bethany is reimagined in the Drama lingerie set which features the same print as the robe along with the boning with a contrast navy base.

The Drama embroidery range includes jewel-toned colours such as vibrant teal and fuchsia that Celeste loves and includes a bodysuit, underwire bra and bralette that can be mixed and matched with a g string or briefs that both have a slightly higher coverage on the waist for added comfort.

Barber said, “I love them all! I chose the colours and made sure every piece was designed to make me look hot = and it worked!

“The only problem with that is now I can’t choose a favourite piece.

“I absolutely loved working so closely with the Bras N Things team on this collaboration. On day one I came in totally pumped with ideas and a big bag of my favourite undies and bras – some of which I had bought from Bras N Things because I love this brand.

“I wanted to make sure each design was something that I would wear every day. We all want comfy, sexy and fun knickers and bras, and that’s what we created together. We nailed it guys!”

Bras N Things, head of product, Jessica Lauppe-Guy said: “Working with Celeste Barber to design this range was so much fun! She was an incredible addition to the team.

“We wanted to make sure Celeste was an integral part of the design process and that her ideas were incorporated into the collection and that her voice was heard in each and every product design.

“That is exactly what we have achieved together and it’s resulted in a really special collaboration.”

Bras N Things, head of marketing, Natalie Chalmers said: “Celeste Barber is the ultimate confidence warrior who doesn’t take herself too seriously and, like all of us, has many sides to her.

“Bras N Things has been undergoing a brand evolution for the past two years and a central part of that is how we support women to confidently be themselves as we build our global community of confidence warriors.

“Celeste celebrates being a woman and shows us that we can embrace the things we’ve been taught to hide, inside and out.

“Bras N Things are looking at what consumers are craving and how we can meet those needs, whether that be through driving our size expansion or offering product that allows our customers to be relaxed, raw, brave, strong.

“We want consumers to come back and see how we’ve evolved, to discover the fit proposition and service we have to offer, just like Celeste did when she saw an image she loved, came in-store and fell back in love with the product and the brand. That’s why this collaboration has come together so beautifully.

“We are 3 so excited to be launching this collaboration with Celeste, we know women everywhere will see themselves in this campaign because it speaks to us all and the many things that we all are. Not to mention all the laughs that come with the campaign videos!”

Bras N Things is also committed to offering an extensive size range,  something that Barber is also very passionate about. So this range is available in a variety of sizes up to a size 20 and bras are available to an F cup and available now!

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