Business Cards Get a Makeover

Business Cards Get a Makeover

Who knows what’s going to happen to business cards in the future. In the digital age, B&T investigated whether they will still be used, with mixed responses. However, Jo Sabin, community manager at online graphic marketplace, DesignCrowd, believes they will be around, and has penned some business card ideas for brands.

From the early stages of life, we learn by touch, feel and interaction. By focusing on play as a feature of the card design, the ubiquitous business card transforms itself into a wonderfully engaging experience for the user, making your brand much more memorable in their minds. Consider the effectiveness of the cheese grater card for Bon Vivant or this Yoga Trainer card designed by Marked for Trade and how they require recipient to do something to be fully appreciated.

Images via Bon Vivant and

Images via Bon Vivant and Emlli

This super-cool Outlier Design business card also takes interactivity to a new level. Outlier received an honourable mention in the business card category of the 2012 Creativity International Awards (42A: Business Cards) for creating a card that can be used as a yo-yo, a stress ball and even a hockey puck!

Standing Out From the Every Day

Traditional business cards are also being given a new spin by many designers around the world in order to stand out from the card crowd. These cool designs serve to strike a chord amongst everyday objects, while still hitting home each company’s brand, message and information.

Consider how these ticket stubs, film frames, drivers licences and more help create a visually amusing, remarkable and lasting impression on recipients.

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This piano studio’s business card design speaks for itself.

Image via DesignCrowd

Image via DesignCrowd

Going Beyond Paper

Paper, schmaper! There are dozens of materials available to designers today, and when combined with letterpress, there’s no reason why you can’t use any one of them for your business card creations.

There are a heap of other materials beside old-fashioned card stock that businesses are now using to catch the attention of potential clients or business partners. These include wood, cork, leather, cotton, wool and even chocolate.

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Pop-Out Cards and Shapes

With 3D printing set to boom within the next few years, 3D business cards might become as commonplace as their traditional paper-based cousins.

Not only do these nifty designs create impressive and out-of-the-ordinary experiences for consumers, but their third dimension also forces them to become much more visually prominent – objects like these are more likely to be displayed on desks or counters, as opposed to flat business cards that hide away in wallets or get lost in paperwork.

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Utility Adds Value

Value-adding business cards – that go beyond mere cool, entertainment or amusement factors – can also be a novel way to start a conversation about your brand. By making their card totally functional, Broke Bike Alley’ transcends traditional business card design norms with this amazing bike tool business card that helps their customer base:

Or the practical if ephemeral appeal that Enso’s Jamie Wieck offers with his ‘growing’ business card, which doubles up as a tiny pot plant that can grow cress and alfalfa. The point? The design clearly hits home Wieck’s message about the importance of environmental responsibility and how this is a strong part of his business consultancy.

Image via Inhabitat

Image via Inhabitat

Like everything else about your brand, your business cards must stand out from the competition! Investing in an engaging and message-driven design means giving your brand that edge, and allowing others to remember you, interact with you and ideally start conversations that lead to better business relationships and success.

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