Avid Collective Launches Native Content Targeting Solution Avid Data

Avid Collective Launches Native Content Targeting Solution Avid Data
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Native content network, Avid Collective, has announced the launch of its new native content targeting solution, Avid Data.

Avid Data encompasses a significant range of data-sharing agreements to give Avid access to consumer data segments that leverage data points from suppliers such as Unpacked by Flybuys, Roy Morgan, Nielsen, Domain and Lotama.

These partnerships provide access to a valuable trove of audience segments based on de-identified consumer data for use by Avid Collective on its campaigns.

Avid Data further improves the company’s advanced targeting strategies, deepening Avid’s unique value proposition of creating and distributing personalised native content at scale, which has been fundamental to the company’s growth over the last few years.

Avid Data includes Avid’s proprietary set of audience segments, which have been generated through substantial investment in first-party data collection.

The launch of Avid Data comes one month after the launch of Avid’s proprietary marketing platform, AVA.

The Avid Data solution allows advertisers to leverage native content in targeting consumers with precision, by accessing an immense variety of data points, including:

  • Previous content consumption
  • Purchase history
  • Products owned
  • Detailed demographic and psychographic profiling.

For example, it can see challenger brands use the data from past purchases of the other category-leading brands or products to help better understand and drive future market share.

The ability to utilise these types of data segments, when amplifying native content through publisher channels, enables advertisers to leverage a trusted voice when delivering content and brand messaging to their perfect target audience. This enhanced targeting increases the relevancy of a brand’s message, which greatly improves the impact of their advertising spend. 

Avid Collective, managing director, Luke Spano, said: “We are very proud to launch Avid Data to the market given the demand we see for better targeting capabilities in native content campaigns.

“Extensive targeting capabilities are a mainstay of traditional digital advertising but are often ignored for native content campaigns, despite the significant opportunities they present.

“Avid Data enhances our native content offering by allowing us to provide deeper levels of specificity and relevance for consumers when we are amplifying content.

“Native content is already exceptional at moving audiences through the funnel from awareness into consideration, by adding deeper levels of targeting and adding the ability to segment audiences based on stage-of-funnel, we are able to multiply the advertising opportunity for our customers whilst preserving relevancy of content for consumers.”

As part of the Avid Data launch, Avid Collective has announced several new data partnerships including:

  • Unpacked by Flybuys – Coles, Liquorland and First Choice Liquor Market
  • Lotame – Extensive consumer browser history and more
  •  Eyeota – Roy Morgan, YouGov, Mosaic, household demographics, and more

With several additional partnerships to announce in the future, the Avid Data offering is currently available to fuel targeting across native content campaigns across Avid’s network of seven digital media brands..

Avid Collective has worked with clients including eBay, Coles Liquor, Unilever, Destination NSW, Pernod Ricard, Dell, Coca-Cola Amatil, Zambrero, Citibank and BridgeClimb.

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