Apple’s Transparency Feature Does Little To Hinder Facebook Ads

Apple’s Transparency Feature Does Little To Hinder Facebook Ads

Despite the initial debacle that occurred after the company introduced its latest feature regarding advertisements on its platform, many small businesses have recently been doing well on Facebook.

This change has yet to be attributed to a single factor but has given companies the urge to make more investments than usual.

Of course the one to benefit out of this situation is Meta, the parent company of Facebook, who had made a prediction of a US$10 billion in revenue for this year, pinpointing Apple’s change in advertising policy as the main reason.

This prediction by the tech giant created a stir within the shareholders, who were quick to sell their stock, with the company dropping to almost one third of its initial worth.

However, those who have chosen to advertise with Meta are now reaping the benefits, with ad prices having also dropped since the previous year. An app developer described costs for advertising as “extremely volatile but definitely better” when speaking to The Information.

Meta itself pointed out via a spokesperson that it has: “…continued to adapt our systems to help businesses succeed while honouring privacy and shared extensive steps they can take to maximize performance and measurement on our platforms.”

While Apple’s tracking transparency features remain, Meta also stand firm on their willingness to create a more hospitable environment for their advertisers.

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