Apple Set To Debut Foldable ‘Flip Phone’

Apple Set To Debut Foldable ‘Flip Phone’

Apple will be debuting a folding phone – reminiscent of the classic ‘flip phone’ – in the near future if the rumours are to be believed.

According to MacRumorsApple could be launching the new look device as soon as 2023. It is expected to be around 20cm long, making it slightly bigger than Apple’s other devices.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo – who has a strong track record of getting it right with Apple predictions – speculated about the foldable phone earlier this week.

The report suggests that the foldable phone will give users a far bigger screen to use – closer to the size of an iPad mini.

While 2023 might seem like some while away, according to Kuo, Apple will have to sort out “key technology and mass production issues” this year to ensure the phone can be readily available.

He also said the new product has “not yet officially kicked off”.

If Apple does proceed with the foldable phone, it will not be the first to do so. Samsung, Motorola and Royole have all recently released their own foldable phones.

While these devices offer a new interface for users, they have not been without their problems. Early reviews suggest there have been problems with the screen’s functionality and that overall the device is awkward to use.

Apple will no doubt be looking at these reviews and finding solutions for a more usable phone.


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