An Article We Didn’t Write! On How Great Our 30 Under 30 Awards Are

An Article We Didn’t Write! On How Great Our 30 Under 30 Awards Are
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Chloe Simon an events and marketing coordinator from AA&P Events shares why events like our B&T 30 Under 30 Awards are needed all over Australia!

Here at B&T we might be biased, but we agree!

Crocodiles, the desert, hot weather, and Brisbane? These are the most common things that came up when I asked the guests at B&T 30 Under 30 Awards night what they think when I mention northern Australia.

While these certainly are a major part of northern Australia, which includes northern Queensland, Northern Territory and northern Western Australia, there is much more the top end can offer to our southern cousins that is exclusive to the north.

Since COVID-19, there has been a huge shift in what we view as success, how we want to work, how we interact with others and prioritising our mental health. Millennials and Gen-Z are taking this new shift in the workplace as an opportunity to uproot their lives in the busy cities and move to more regional locations, that can offer a more relaxed and wholesome outdoor lifestyle, making places like Darwin the perfect drawcard.

This has been happening at such an unstoppable rate it’s even been dubbed the Great Resignation amongst organisations and businesses, as the next generation of professionals starts to lay the foundations of a more inclusive, creative, and unique workplace culture.

Any successful marketer and events person can tell you that the key to a successful campaign and event is through storytelling, and what better place in the country to tell a story than alongside great natural landmarks and culture in Northern Australia.

Young professionals in the industry are key to fostering relationships between southern and northern states and territories and to be able to create exciting and unique experiences and opportunities. The industry is full of eager Gen Z and Millennials that have new ideas and bold strategies to build new connections. The guests from the evening were not opposed to coming up north for a new experience, they just need a reason why. So why indeed?

Holding events that celebrate the industry such as B&T 30 under 30 against the backdrop of Uluru, palm trees and pink sunsets or under thousands of stars, near ancient gorges and waterfalls, is a unique way to connect industry professionals from across Australia, offers networking opportunities and building relationships.

Events that are focused on attracting young professionals to the north will increase the opportunities in the workplace as more and more businesses adopt working remotely, as well as increasing interest for agencies that to date have dominated the south to extend their reach, collaborate and spread their wings in Darwin.

There is much we can learn from each other such as new skills, industry insights and creative strategies that can only grow businesses and keep young professionals in the industry ahead of the game and create unique and exciting events and campaigns.

The B&T 30 Under 30 event is an incredible opportunity for experienced and up and coming industry professionals to connect and foster new relationships.

Having these same events in the northern states will only strengthen the industry, give young professionals the opportunity to create new networks and unique ideas and build relationships between businesses and states.

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