AdRoll Retargeting Integrates With All Shopify Stores

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AdRoll has announced an integration with Shopify, a cloud-based, multichannel commerce platform, to provide e-commerce merchants the ability to retarget customers across devices, all within the Shopify platform

By building a deep integration with Shopify, e-commerce businesses of all sizes will be able to implement advanced retargeting strategies with just a few clicks. AdRoll will empower thousands of small businesses to solve one of their biggest e-commerce problems: shopping cart abandonment.

On average, around 70 per cent of all e-commerce shopping carts are abandoned. This year more than $4 trillion worth of product will be left behind and is expected to increase according to BI Intelligence. The abandonment rate increased five points from 2011 to 2013, as more customers became comfortable with mobile commerce. For small businesses, the ability to recoup even a fraction of those lost orders can mean thousands in additional revenue.

We know that merchants are leaving money on the table by not retargeting their customers. The data shows that of all those who abandon shopping carts, three quarters intend to complete their purchase at a later date,” said Adam Berke, AdRoll president and CMO. “Our goal is to help all 175,000 Shopify merchants seamlessly implement the proven retargeting tactics that the largest retailers use to solve this problem.”

Knowing that small business owners are time and resource constrained, AdRoll designed the integration as a simple one-click setup without any coding required.

Once integrated, Shopify merchants can:

  • Leverage their own customer data to run retargeting campaigns across the web, mobile, and social media

  • Upload and test ad creative without ever leaving the Shopify platform

  • Retarget customers from their email database

  • Manage campaigns using auto-generated target segments

  • Capture anonymised information via website traffic for cross-device attribution

“For us, the ROI on AdRoll can’t be beat,” said Michelle Harpin, president of Echo Club House. “AdRoll has proven to be an effective way to keep the conversation going with our customers once they find us. Retargeting helps us keep up to date with our girl once she discovers us.”

“Shopping cart abandonment is still a huge challenge for online retailers and we’re committed to building out our network of partners to address it,” said Atlee Clark, head of App Store & third party developer ecosystem at Shopify. “By working with AdRoll, we’re giving our merchants the tools and support they need in order to reclaim lost sales.”

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