ZRO Fox Launches With AI & Programmatic Trading Platform

ZRO Fox Launches With AI & Programmatic Trading Platform
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ZRO Fox is a first-to-market data-focused programmatic solution for brands and agencies preparing for an increasingly AI-optimised future.

The business launches are headed by founder David Gaskill, his latest venture since departing Simon Ryan’s Foxcatcher, building upon a strong track record of product development and data-driven investment optimisation. ZRO Fox has launched to prepare brands for a world of accelerating AI and automation by providing technology to collect and organise their data for the systems of the future.

The ZRO Fox technology captures customer and brand data generated by digital properties such as mobile apps, websites and ecommerce stores. Focussed on understanding customer interactions to inform power enterprise AI applications across creative, media, CX and product.

As the world accelerates towards a future where an AI co-pilot exists for most applications, it will become vitally important to have the data inputs and prompts to ensure your business is differentiated.

Distinct from traditional CDP’s, ZRO Fox makes the data fully available to clients through its secure platform, unlocking the full value of first-party data for a range of enterprise use cases. The first use case will be its programmatic trading desk in partnership with Adform.

“In the last 18 months the explosion of AI has enabled productivity gains as ChatGPT, Midjourney and others provide never before seen generative solutions. As businesses prepare for the (largely unknown) long term opportunities it will become vital to ensure the data required for customisation and prompting is available. ZRO Fox is the product and partner to futureproof your organisation and teams to fully harness a competitive edge,” said Gaskill.

“We are thrilled to be collaborating with ZRO Fox on this exciting new venture. David’s commitment to delivering real value through technically robust solutions is aligned to Adform’s philosophy and we are looking forward to what we will achieve together. With the ultimate deprecation of cookies finally underway, brands will need solutions that can deliver a holistic view of their media performance alongside data infrastructure that enables them to activate on these insights. We believe ZRO Fox will deliver,” said Amy Jansen-Flynn, regional manager APAC at Adform.

ZRO Fox are headquartered in Melbourne, Australia with a platform providing futureproof data capture for businesses in an open and accessible architecture ready to supply your technology and meet the needs of your AI driven future.

ZRO Fox provides products and services to brands, creative and media agency partners and is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

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