Women In Media Profile: Kirsty Bloore

Women In Media Profile: Kirsty Bloore

The Women in Media Awards are back for 2018! To celebrate this wonderful fact, and to recognise some of the killer women in our industry, we’ve created a women in media series – and have profiled some pretty inspiring women so far.

Next up on our hit list is Kirsty Bloore, vice president of research for Asia Pacific at Viacom International Media Networks.

What was the best advice you were ever given?

“Don’t sweat the small stuff.” It’s an oldie but a goodie, and something I try to remember when things get stressful!

What’s your proudest professional moment?

So far it’s having been appointed into my current role as Vice President of Research for Asia-Pacific.

Having always had a passion for consumer insights and understanding human behaviour, I’m fascinated by the cultural and behavioural differences our research discovers across markets.

To have expanded my responsibilities beyond Australia and encompass all of Asia was a big step, and I get to learn something new every day.

Quirkiest attribute?

Can I have two? I like to sing very loudly in the car, and I have an ear-piercing whistle to call my sons in from the surf.

Guiltiest pleasure?

Chocolate…and gin…but not necessarily at the same time! I’m also quite obsessed with a certain reality TV show that involves roses.

What women do you find inspiring?

I’m surrounded by women who inspire me. The ones who have made the biggest impact on me have been people in my local community that have overcome illnesses or misfortunes and turned their lives around.

I am also inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit and hold in high regard friends of mine who were brave enough to leave the corporate world and start their own companies and are now reaping the rewards of success.

What would be your ultimate role?

That’s a tough question to answer – maybe I’m in it?

What advice would you give to young aspiring women?

My main advice would be to always back your self. Women tend not to be very good at blowing their own trumpet, so believe in yourself and be aware of the value that you bring.

I would also advise them to ensure they have a broad set of skills that can be easily transferred. No one knows what the working environment will be like in 10 years so you need to be adaptable and flexible.

Why are women vital to your industry?

At Viacom, we have a long history of strong female leadership across all aspects of the business. Each of these women have played a pivotal part of shaping our company, and are well recognised as industry leaders.

But there’s no question that the wider media industry still has a glass ceiling, so it’s exciting to see more and more women cracking it and stepping into leadership roles.

As they do, I believe it’s important these women focus on building teams that represent people from all walks of life across gender, race, religion and sexual orientation. It’s important to surround yourself with those who can offer a different point view.

B&T‘s Women in Media Awards 2018 will be held on Friday 17 August 2018 at Doltone House – Jones Bay Wharf. Grab early bird tickets to the event here and find all other info on the website




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