Wisr Launches Complete Brand Redesign With New Campaign Via BMEOF And Resn

Wisr Launches Complete Brand Redesign With New Campaign Via BMEOF And Resn
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Driven by its purpose of “financial wellbeing”, ASX-listed neo-lender Wisr wants to engage your “smart part”, making it easier for you to make good decisions regarding your finances.

The new creative positioning, “For your smart part”, is part of the company’s first major campaign, in collaboration with creative agency Bear Meets Eagle On Fire (BMEOF).

The comprehensive project runs across all brand design, product and communication and is built to deliver a clear, simple message around the company’s purpose, according to Wisr’s chief marketing officer, James Goodwin.

“While people like the idea of financial wellness, depending on their very different circumstances it can be a difficult thing for people to get their heads around,” Goodwin said.

“To make it easier, we focus on supporting our customers’ smart decision making and rewarding that good behaviour, which in turn helps Wisr achieve its purpose of helping improve Australians’ financial well-being.

“We’re massively proud of how we’ve built Wisr, but we also knew it was time to realign everything we were doing around a bigger idea, to take that next step.

“Bear and SPEED, our media partner, have challenged and supported us every step of the way along that journey.”

While the new brand identity retains and builds on some previous aspects of the Wisr brand—the Wisr logo and purpose—almost everything else ‘Wisr’ has been rethought and reinvented around “For your smart part”.

This includes an ambitious desktop and mobile experience, co-created by BMEOF and digital experience design company Resn.

The integrated campaign includes work from illustrator Peter Grundy, Swedish-based 3D animation artist Oscar Pettersson and Revolver director Steve Rogers.

Toby Hussey, managing director at BMEOF, said: “It’s not often you find a project and partnership like this.

“What started out as strategic discussions and a campaign, eventually led to a complete re-evaluation of everything ‘brand’ for Wisr. It’s been a dream project for us.”

Micah Walker, founder and chief creative officer at BMEOF, added: “I’m so proud of all the thinking and craft that’s gone into this. Big shout out to all the talented folks and partners who’ve helped make it happen.”

Dan Mercer, creative director at Resn, said: “Working with Bear and Wisr to help the brand come to life on the site, was a fun creative challenge.

“It was a great opportunity to bring a high level of design and polish to the fintech category.”

Check out the new Wisr website here.

Credits for the campaign are as follows:

Client: WISR

Creative studio: Bear Meets Eagle On Fire

Media: SPEED

Site design: Resn

Film production: Revolver

Director: Steve Rogers

Managing director/executive producer: Michael Ritchie

Executive producer: Pip Smart

Producer: Ian Iveson

DOP: Stefan Duscio

Production designer: Steven Jones Evans


Editor: Alexandre de Franceschi

Edit house: The Editors

VFX and post: Fin Design and Effects

Sound house: Rumble Studios

Sound designer: Tone Alston

Sound producer: Michael Gie

Sonic branding: Rumble Studios

Casting: Peta Einberg Casting

2D illustration: Peter Grundy

3D illustration: Oscar Pettersson

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