Whimn.com.au Announces Podcast Series, ‘My Father The Murderer’

Whimn.com.au Announces Podcast Series, ‘My Father The Murderer’

With Her in Mind Network, Australia’s leading digital women’s network, is producing a new six-part podcast series My Father the Murderer.

The series launches on Sunday 7 October and follows journalist Nina Young’s very personal quest to uncover the truth about how she came to be.

Now in her thirties, this is something Nina Young has often pondered because she might not be here today if someone hadn’t lost their life.

Nina grew up with a family secret and didn’t discover the truth about her father until she was in her twenties.

Part true crime and part memoir the podcast tackles the question of how well we really know ourselves and the people we love, as well as looking at the ripple effects of trauma that one violent act can create.

The series is a rich storytelling experience that includes accompanying video, editorial and a custom website build.

With Her in Mind Network executive editor Melissa Wilson said: “True crime stories resonate with our audience.

“We had been looking for the right opportunity for our first podcast in the genre and when Nina, who is one of our journalists, came to us with the idea we recognised the power of this unique and compelling story.

“Nina grew up knowing that her father had been in jail for a violent crime, however she only discovered the extent of the crime when she did her own research online.

“It was a very big decision for Nina to share her story and it wasn’t until recently that she was in a place in her life where she felt that she could.

“With many questions and not a lot of answers Nina takes us on a very personal journey throughout this podcast.

“The team have created a gripping podcast series and I don’t believe anyone in the women’s space has done anything like it.”

Nina Young said: “I’ve known that I needed to tell this story since the moment I first discovered the truth about my father, but I didn’t know how, or when, I would be able to. It feels like the right time now, and a podcast feels like the perfect format. It has been incredibly confronting and at times scary, but it has also been very healing to create.”

The podcast was created and produced by an all-female team led by Nina, host and producer of the series, along with experienced podcast producer Dewi Cook, producer Bek Day, and video producer Sinead Barrett.

All creative, graphics and video were produced in house by the News DNA team.

The My Father the Murderer podcast series is sponsored by Foxtel’s new drama series Mr Inbetween.

whimn.com.au presents My Father the Murderer starts Sunday 7 October. To listen and read more visit myfatherthemurderer.com.au


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