What Zombies Can Teach You About Making It In Digital

What Zombies Can Teach You About Making It In Digital
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Nearly all the rules for surviving a Zombie apocalypse have very practical application for all those who face issues in their businesses with digital disruption and a better career path.

See for yourself.

1. Cardio

Staying fit in mind and body.

2. Double Tap

Make sure the Zombie is dead with two shots.

3. Beware of Bathrooms

You are at your most vulnerable sitting on a toilet.


4. No Drugs

‘Cause they’re bad, mmkay? And they slow you down (evenutally).

5. Get a Kick-Ass Partner

You need help from an expert.

6. Put your seatbelt on

You’re going to crash at some point.

7. Travel in groups

Safety in numbers.

8. Always make sure there is at least one moron in the group

For the Zombie to eat.

9. When in doubt, always know your way out

Always have an exit plan.

10. Check the back seat

Zombie’s are good at hiding in bad places.

11. Rope Ladder

Zombie’s can’t climb (apparently).

12. Enjoy the little things

While you can.

13. Save a bullet for yourself

If you’re bitten or just can’t take the stress.

14. Check your corners

There could be a thousand zombies around the corner.

15. Avoid strip clubs

Zombies and business men love them.

strip clubs

16. No Attachments

Your loved ones are already Zombies, you can’t help them.

loved ones

17. Blend In

Zombies don’t bite other Zombies.

18. Get a dog

Animals don’t become Zombies and make good friends.

19. Don’t hang around in Malls

Dumb people look for food who are food for Zombies.

20. Amputation

Stop the rot. Cut it off.

21. Graffiti

Leave messages for like minded humans.

22. Mileage

Only use cars that have great fuel efficiency.

23. Blades don’t need reloading

This is about efficiency of tools as well.

24. Watch Movies

Where most good Zombie and business tactics come from.

25. Shoot for the head

Head shots kill.

26. Double Knot your shoes

Don’t want to trip up when you’re running.

27. Its a marathon

Unless you need to sprint, then sprint…


From rule # 6: How to Survive a Digital Apocalypse. Other rules and Last tickets to Daze of Disruption Here

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