Vegemite Launches New ‘Vegemite Squeezy’ Via Thinkerbell

Vegemite Launches New ‘Vegemite Squeezy’ Via Thinkerbell

VEGEMITE is expanding its range – announcing the arrival of a new product – VEGEMITE Squeezy! It is VEGEMITE, just squeezier and upside down in a squeezable bottle.

“We know that Aussies are passionate about their VEGEMITE and here at VEGEMITE, we take a lot of pride in making a range of VEGEMITE products that every Australian can enjoy,” said Matt Gray, head of marketing at Bega Foods.

“We’re excited to launch VEGEMITE in this new convenient format. It’s the great tasting VEGEMITE you know and love, just easier and squeezier.”

Bega Cheese Limited’s team of VEGEMITE experts have worked hard behind the scenes at the home of VEGEMITE in Port Melbourne to deliver a great tasting VEGEMITE Squeezy product.

“We know that cooking with VEGEMITE, fondly referred to as ‘Australia’s umami’, is on the rise. From VEGEMITE and cheese spaghetti to VEGEMITE and cheese scrolls – VEGEMITE creations are popping up in kitchens across Australia. VEGEMITE Squeezy makes VEGEMITE even easier to use and enjoy – VEGEMITE enthusiasts will love the new addition to the VEGEMITE family.”

How do you make anything ‘Taste Like Australia’? To support the arrival of VEGEMITE Squeezy, VEGEMITE will be launching a new advertising campaign that lets people know how to make anything ‘taste like Australia’.

Simply squeeze a little bit of VEGEMITE in your spag, on your snag or your favourite snack. The campaign will be across out of home, digital, tv and other channels. The campaign for Vegemite Squeezy also builds off the media generated after the launch of the VEGEKNIFE – highlighting the issue of cross contamination with Vegemite and butter.

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