Vegans Ambush MasterChef Filming Slamming Show For Lack Of Food Diversity

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Vegan protesters have descended on MasterChef filming at the South Melbourne Market over the shows lack of vegan choices and vegan contestants. The crowd held up posters of the array of different animals killed in the show with the words “I am not an ingredient, I am someone”.

Masterchef hosts Matt Preston, George Calombaris and Gary Mehigan were all present at the outdoor filming; despite the protests, the trio maintained composure and continued to film the challenge.

Facebook post:

***Melbourne Vegan Activists Peaceful Demonstration at Masterchef Australia’s public filming at the South Melbourne Market***

A group of Melbourne Vegan Activists stood peacefully in the crowd of people watching the Masterchef Australia filming.

They held up posters that said “I am not an ingredient, I am someone”, with pictures of all the different types of animals that have been killed and are available to buy inside South Melbourne Market.

These animals included cow, pig, chicken, sheep, crayfish, salmon, prawn, shark, deer, kangaroo, quail, pheasant, goat, turkey, rabbit and duck.

They did this to open people’s eyes about WHO they have on their plate. Many people asked questions. The activists were able to calmly educate the public about choosing kinder choices for their meals and how many amazing vegan food choices are out there.

The vegan seeds were planted this day and it was a wonderful success all round.

Comments on Animal Truth Facebook page applauded the protest:

  • Well done guys I wish I was there to stand with you all
  • Fabulous photos! And thanks again for organising, I think it gave many people something to think about… even if they don’t realise it yet.
  • I wish I could be there as part of activities. Well done to all of you!!
  • Good on you! One day there will be a vegan version of master chef where no bigot cholesterol ridden chefs eat animals
  • Fabulous demonstration – great job all you people!


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