Val Morgan Launches DART: Digital Audience in Real Time

Two darts in the bull's eye. Shallow DoF.

Val Morgan Outdoor is confident 2015 will be its biggest year yet with the launch of a new audience measurement system for its outdoor digital screens.

It’s called DART which stands for Digital Audience in Real Time and it’s got the out of home network provider tickled by the possibilities.

Val Morgan’s chief executive, Damian Keough says DART will use audience metric devices to measure an audience of more than 250,000 retail shoppers – in real time.  The technology allows for the “reporting of not only the demographic profile, but engagement on an individual campaign basis, which allows real accountability in real time,” he said.

Val Morgan Outdoor expects to engage 30 million shoppers each week and calls itself the biggest and most impactful digital outdoor network in the country.

DART technology measures audience engagement, what time of day and what day of the week they engage. DART can provide post-campaign metrics which is said to be more meaningful to advertisers.

The company’s petrol station offerings will also use DART to measure 50,000 consumers at fuel stations nationally.

The DART measurment scheme ties in with Val Morgan’s multimillion dollar investment in additional screens in both retail and pump TV business.

“Our shopping centre footprint will grow from 350 to 430 locations nationally by early next year,” said Keough. “We will be the world’s biggest digital screen network in shopping centres.”

The screens are said to be strategically placed in high traffic areas such as outside supermarkets and within the vicinity of food courts.

Keough added that as well as its out of home digital screen expansion, the cinema industry is in great shape. He said: “The level of enthusiasm for cinema at a global level is incredible.” Keough implored advertisers and marketers to use cinema as an addition to their TV and online campaigns.

“Ad skipping and ad-avoidance is at an all-time high, which makes the environment of cinema more powerful than ever,” Keough said, adding that “audiences are present and without distraction – ready for your message”.

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