Twitter Playing Around With New Feature ‘Circles’, Letting You Choose Who You Want To Show Your Tweets To

İstanbul, Turkey - February 10, 2019: Woman using smart phone on a couch. The smart phone is an iPhone 8 displaying Twitter application.  iPhone is a touchscreen smartphone developed by Apple Inc.

A new feature is being tested by the popular social media platform Twitter, giving users the option of choosing who gets to see the tweets that are published on their profiles.

This new addition, which will be called “Twitter Circle” is quite similar to Instagram’s Close Friends option and will permit users to select up to 150 other people to keep in their “circle” of friends. These people won’t necessarily need to be their followers in order to be included in a user’s “circle.”

Once they have created a “Twitter Circle”, users will then have the option of selecting the audience of any tweet before publishing it.

Users who belong to your “circle” and view your tweets will not have the option of retweeting them, although there is still the possibility of them downloading content such as images, video, etc. on to their own devices and republishing them as their own.

The company has pointed out however, that the same rules and community guidelines will continue to apply despite the fact that the tweets will be going out to a significantly smaller audience and users will be banned if there is any abusive of threatening behaviour.

Twitter has been working on this feature for a while now, alongside several others that will make it more competitive in the wider field of social media. Right now it is available for only a select group of people, however depending on feedback, it could soon become accessible to all users of the platform.

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