TikTok Used To Derail Trump Rally

TikTok Used To Derail Trump Rally

As we know, United States President Donald Trump is a prolific social media user.

From posting memes to his official Facebook and Snapchat accounts to the constant stream of ‘Tweets’ – Trump has managed to use social media in a way that few politicians have before.

But it seems one social media platform the President is not across is TikTok.

According to reports, Trump’s ‘comeback rally’ in Tusla, Oklahoma this weekend was derailed by a group of devious teenagers on TikTok.

The President would have been hoping for a strong turnout at the rally, as he looks to secure re-election despite the crises his administration has faced in recent months.

He was instead greeted with rows of empty seats and was even forced to cancel a secondary speech outside the venue, as there was no crowd.

Having boasted about the number of registrations earlier in the week, Trump’s campaign manager Brad Parscale blamed the poor turnout on “apocalyptic media coverage” and “radical protesters”.

On TikTok, teenage users of the platform told a different story.

Hundreds of teenagers had reserved free tickets to the rally, with no plans of actually showing up.

To add insult to injury, they then shared a screenshot of the ticket while dancing to the ‘Macerrna’.

You can see the videos below.

The plan to derail the rally has drawn praise across social media.


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