This Ex-Adlander Has Some Choice Words And Harsh Facts For The Industry

This Ex-Adlander Has Some Choice Words And Harsh Facts For The Industry

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We didn't go to this London conference event, but from this report from Business Insider we're kind of wishing we had forked out the plane ticket. Ex-adlander Bob Hoffman has some hard truths for the industry that he's observed. One of them being, why such the damn focus on young people?! Check out Business Insider for the full report.


Bob Hoffman is the former owner and CEO of ad firm Hoffman/Lewis. After 22 years of experience with his own ad firm, Hoffman is convinced that “the marketing and advertising industries are currently in state of great confusion.”

Hoffman has become known as the “Ad Contrarian.” He sold his firm in 2013 and since then the caustic, but funny ex-ad man has made a name for himself in critiquing the ad business.

Speaking at the Shift 2016 conference in London on Tuesday, he said that there are three major misconceptions clouding the industry: “All of these delusions have one thing in common: they take a little bit of truth and then they distort it and they exaggerate it and they torture it to the point at which it does our marketers more harm than good.”

1. The brand delusion

The first mistake advertisers make is thinking that other people actually care about their brands.

Read the full article on Business Insider here. Lead image from The Advertising Week Social Club.

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