“The Epitome Of Pretentiousness!” Chanel’s $8500 Reusable Water Bottle Sells Out!

“The Epitome Of Pretentiousness!” Chanel’s $8500 Reusable Water Bottle Sells Out!

The rise of the KeepCup and the reusable water bottle should be applauded in this environmentally aware times.

And now ridiculously expensive French fashion brand Chanel is getting in on the action, unveiling its new ‘flask bag’, a reusable water bottle that’s selling via the company’s website for an eye-watering $A8500.

The rather hideous looking flask is made of gold and comes nestled in a quilted lambskin sleeve with a long gold chain to go over the shoulder and the Chanel logo worked into the cap.

According to reports, when the bottle recently went on sale in Chanel’s UK stores it sold out such was the demand with celebs such as Rihanna seen sporting one.

There’s even been speculation that users of the ‘flask bag’ are actually ditching the water and filling it with Krug Champagne instead.

Online comments to the ‘flask bag’ have been less favourable with many describing it as “tacky” and “obscene”.

One non-fan tweeted: “A fool and his (her) money are soon parted.”

Another wrote: “You do have to wonder about the one-upmanship that still prevails in the world today… the epitome of pretentiousness.”

“Perhaps these prima donnas might like to convert their purchase to generate economic returns of between $13,500 and $153,000 to help provide clean drinking water in sub-Saharan Africa,” tweeted another.

However, it may well be a shrewd investment. Back in 1994, famed fashionista Karl Lagerfeld designed a leather water-bottle holder with a gold chain for Chanel. They’re now reportedly fetching $13,500 from online collectors.

Still, the ‘flask bag’ is not the most expensive water bottle every created. That honour belongs to Italian artist Amedeo Clemente Modigliani who, in 2010, unveiled a 24-carat gold water bottle that came filled with a mix of water from France, Fiji and Iceland all mixed with gold dust. It sold at auction for a staggering $87,000. Thankfully all proceeds went to global warming.

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