The Best Bits From Daze Of Disruption!

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It was a jam-packed two days down in Melbourne for disruptive conference, Daze of Disruption.

With pens scribbling on paper, lots of noddings of heads and even a few eyes closed during the mindfulness meditation session, we learnt a lot.

Twitter’s Daina Middleton talked us through the participation age and what it means for brands on Twitter, as ADMA CEO Jodie Sangster slammed the industry on its ads on mobile “isn’t bloody good enough”.

Andy Lark, chief marketing officer at software accounting firm Xero, chided the industry how marketers can’t change themselves, despite the fact they want to change consumer behaviour, as TBWA’s Tuomas Peltoniemi said marketing was still stuck in the last century.

Check out the gallery above for all the visual happenings from the two days, or click here for all the news from the Daze of Disruption conference.




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