Taste.com.au Reveals ‘Recipe For Health’ & Announces Healthy Eating Pledge

Taste.com.au Reveals ‘Recipe For Health’ & Announces Healthy Eating Pledge

News Corp Australia’s Taste.com.au this morning released findings from Recipe For Health, a multi-disciplinary landmark study exploring the relationship Australians have with food and health, and announced a content pledge to support Australians eating more healthily.

Commissioned by News Corp Australia and conducted by market research agency Direction First, the study examines what healthy eating means to Australians today and the impact that eating habits are having on consumers’ health.

News Corp Australia’s director of lifestyle Fiona Nilsson said: “We have never needed more help with healthy eating. Fundamentally consumers are not meeting the nutritional requirements on a day-to-day basis, and Australians are confused about what we should be eating and what a healthy diet looks like.

“As a result, obesity and associated chronic illnesses are on the rise. The consumer need for education and help around healthy eating has never been as important as it is today.

“Hence why we have undertaken this crucial new study, it was designed to not only help us ascertain what’s important to our audiences and content, but also to help our commercial partners create solutions for, and to connect with consumers”. 

Taste.com.au editor-in-chief Brodee Myers said: “Healthy eating is one of the biggest trends we’ve seen over the last few years, however despite unprecedented interest and engagement in healthy content, the results of this study provide a reality check on Australians’ eating habits.

“It’s time to get real about healthy eating. We have a strong and genuine intent to help Australians achieve the healthy change they want to make and to demonstrate the depth of our commitment taste.com.au is making a pledge.

“In supporting the health of all Australians, taste.com.au is pledging today that no less than 50% of all content created by taste.com.au will fit within the Eat Real paradigm of real healthy eating for real people.

“We are passionate about seeing healthy eating embraced and want to get there without banning foods or compromising the joy of food. We feel confident that we will achieve this”.

Taste.com.au’s Eat Real launched in early 2018, designed to bust food myths, change perceptions, and prove once and for all, that healthy eating can be easy, low budget and your family’s favourite dinner.

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