Swiping Right: Conservative-Only Dating App Seems Doomed Due to Lack of Women

Swiping Right: Conservative-Only Dating App Seems Doomed Due to Lack of Women

A new dating app designed to help people with conservative and right wing politics is floundering due to a lack of women, according to reports.

The Right Stuff only launched last month but seems to have already hit a snag. While there are plenty of men signing up through the invite-only process, the same cannot be said for women.

Despite a well-produced launch video featured a host of women claiming that they want a man with “an alpha vibe” and that being a Democrat is a “red flag,” it seems as though these women are few-and-far-between on the app.

Even employing conservative influencers, such as former Trump press secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s sister Ryann McEnany, who boasts 147,000 thirsty Instagram followers doesn’t seem to have persuaded women to try dating on the right-hand side of the aisle.


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The app was co-founded by Trump White House adviser Daniel Huff. But while The Right Stuff seems unable to attract women, billionaires are proving no problem with noted right-winger and PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel cutting Huff and fellow co-founder and personal aide to Donald Trump John McEntee a cheque for $1.5 million US.

“What we’re doing has really not been done before,” Huff told The Hill.

“Its an important, underserved market. Liberals own the education, media corporations, and we can’t let them control our personal relationships.”

However, despite Huff’s assertion, The Right Stuff is far from the only dating app to have targeted conservatives specifically. Righter, Donald Dater, TrumpSingles, Patrio, and Conservatives Only all emerged to online fanfare before bowing out, largely due to a lack of interest.

Of course, niche dating apps as concept are far from uncommon. BlackPeopleMeet, Jdate, Fling, and Headero, all exist and largely do what they say on the tin.

The initial reviews of The Right Stuff make for entertaining reading, given that many of the reviews are clearly from people poking fun at the dating app’s premise.

For example, iPhone user hornylad&godlover wrote:

“I value a lot of things. God. Family. Guns.

“My cousin just broke up with me recently then died 2 weeks later in a horrific car crash that caused her to die 3 days ago. I feel like I’ve done my mourning. So I’ve been trying to get myself out there. So, I went onto this new app that came on my trustworthy conservative news channel only to find men! Men? How come I can’t find a good conservative woman that values the same things I do? Am I gross or something?”

Hopefully he and other lonely conservatives can find love one day, whether through The Right Stuff or otherwise.

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