“Scooter Riding Poodles!” Hilarious Video Goes Viral Of Contrasting ABC-Sunrise Weather Reporting

“Scooter Riding Poodles!” Hilarious Video Goes Viral Of Contrasting ABC-Sunrise Weather Reporting

Weatherman Sam Mac’s TikTok is going viral for poking fun at the difference between ABC’s weather reporting and Seven’s weather reporting. Spoiler one involves poodles.

Last Friday, Sunrise and ABC News Breakfast found themselves reporting on the weather from the same spot; however, their methods were wildly different.

While ABC went for a more facts-based approach, Seven’s Sunrise went for a more whacky and weird vibe.

Journalist Mahnaz Angury, who was reporting for ABC, was reporting straight news style. Talking to the camera, being very professional and getting soaked in the wet weather conditions.

In comparison, Mac delivered the weather while showcasing a poodle on a scooter. There was cheering, and poodles and everyone was dry.

The different was so vast, it was downright comical.

Mac wrote on TikTok, “When two weather crews book the same location.”

The viral video quickly amassed nearly 900,000 views.


Two weather crews booked at the same location 😳 (shout out to Mahnaz from ABC who was a champ 👏🏼)

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Though not everyone can see the funny side, Mac ultimately had to defend TikTok on Twitter. Someone tweeted Mac and wrote, “Imagine wasting your life doing this for your ‘profession.'”

Mac hit back and wrote, “Wasting my life? Quite the contrary…This is my legacy! I’ve dedicated my career to providing a platform for more scooter-riding poodles.”

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