Sunday TV Wrap: The Block Blossoms! Hell’s Kitchen Labelled “F@cking Rubbish”! More Trouble At Ten!

Sunday TV Wrap: The Block Blossoms! Hell’s Kitchen Labelled “F@cking Rubbish”! More Trouble At Ten!

It’s only one episode old, but insiders are already lumping Seven’s new cooking show, Hell’s Kitchen, in with the network’s ill-fated 2016 clanger, Zumbo’s Just Desserts.

In need of a ratings winner, Seven’s Hell’s Kitchen debuted to 817,000 viewers last night, however, judging by the scathing social media reviews today it’s going to have to weave some real magic to keep viewers interested.

Viewers were quick to decry the Aussie version wasn’t a patch on the Gordon Ramsey-hosted US version, calling last night’s debut “boring”, “f@cking rubbish” and about as interesting as “watching paint dry”.

Interestingly, 2016’s Zumbo debuted to an audience of 1.08 million, some 24 per cent higher than last night’s Hell’s Kitchen.

It was better new for Nine’s The Block, that soared into the most watched entertainment show of last night with an impressive 1.2 million viewers. That was double the audience for Ten’s Australian Survivor that managed 606,000.

In a quiet-ish Sunday night, Nine just pipped Seven for bragging rights taking 32.6 per cent audience share to Seven’s 32.5 per cent. However, the ABC took third position with 15.6 per cent, while Network Ten could only muster a worrying 12.6 per cent. The SBS had 6.5 per cent.

Seven’s news was the most watched show of the night with 1.35 million viewers and Nine’s 60 Minutes (793,000) won the battle of the current affairs shows, namely because Seven’s Sunday Night’s is on hiatus.

However, all the flak this morning appears to be around Seven’s Hell’s Kitchen with viewers fuming host chef Marco Pierre White didn’t have the pizzazz or sparkle to carry the show unlike Ramsey’s US version.

Fans taking to Seven’s Facebook page to register their disquiet: “Channel 7 once again butchering a TV Show. Well done jerk faces,” wrote one. Another added: “So this is a boring show. Can already see its cancellation.”

“Well, That’s was shit. Back to the proper HK which is Gordon’s,” vented another. “Let’s take everything good from the US show and get rid of it.”

Another fumed via Twitter: “Hells Kitchen summed up in 2 words F@KING RUBBISH.”

Hell’s Kitchen follows 10 “celebrities” who apparently can’t cook and are repeatedly berated by host Marco Pierre White. This year’s celeb’s include (Bachelorette) Sam Frost, (NRL player) Willie Mason, Candace Warner (wife of cricketer David), (actor) Lincoln Lewis, (Super nerd) Issa Schultz and (Geordie Shore’s) Gaz Beadle.

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