SPC Attacked By Anti-Vaxxers Over Vaccine Mandate

SPC Attacked By Anti-Vaxxers Over Vaccine Mandate

Tinned goods manufacturer SPC has become the target of anti-vaxxer vitriol after announcing that it would make it mandatory for staff to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Last week, SPC mandated that by the end of November, all employees would need to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

The decision has sparked much discussion. Currently, the only workers that are legally required to get vaccinated are in industries like aged and health care. They were mandated by a public health order, while SPC has made the decision as a private company. 

The company’s chair, Hussein Rifai, told ABC News Breakfast that because of the Delta variant, “we believe that the only way that we can get out and protect our employees and our customers, and the communities in which we work is to go to the vaccine.”

SPC is allowing employees two days of paid personal leave if they experience side effects from the vaccine dose.

Predictably, SPC has now become the target of aggressive anti-vaxxers online, who are decrying the organisation and spreading misinformation about the safety of the vaccine.

Under the #boycottspc tag on Twitter, one user made the dramatic call that the managers of SPC Ardmona should be arrested for “violating workers freedoms/rights by forcing experimental virals of poison on its Aussie farms & workers. EVIL.”

It should be noted that the World Health Organisation has approved all the vaccines currently available in Australia, as has the Australian Department of Health.

Nationals MP Damian Drum has been the target of anti-vax attacks after he tweeted his support of SPC’s mandate, writing, “I applaud SPC’s decision to mandate COVId-19 vaccinations for all of its staff by the end of November. It is a courageous decision and one that sets the tone for corporate Australia, particularly in light of the threat the Delta variant poses to families, communities and business.”

One user replied, “You’re forcing staff to take an un approved medicine and violating their human rights. As long as I live, I would never buy anything that SPC produced and if in the future the so called vaccine creates health problems, I hope they sue.”

Independent MP for Hughes Craig Kelly tweeted that SPC’s decision was ‘bullying’. Kelly has tweeted extensively about what he described as ‘COERCION’, and has also vocally protested against NSW’s lockdown. He tweeted that Glady Berejiklian’s announcement that construction workers in eight Sydney LGAs would need vaccines to return to work was “SNEAKY & NASTY.”

His stance has earned him the support of the anti-vax crowd.

However, SPC’s decision has also received praise from many others, too.

The brand also nailed their own response to critical anti-vaxxers:

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