Social Media Is A Waste Of Time For Marketers

Social Media Is A Waste Of Time For Marketers

On which planet does a tweet at the right time beat traditional, beautifully executed video ads? asks Mark Ritson, associate professor of marketing and branding expert at Melbourne Business School.

Acknowledging how much social media has changed the communications world, Ritson says marketers are putting too much emphasis on social media due to what the media is saying and are forgetting how powerful traditional advertising and marketing still is.

“Social media is an amazing tool. But as the name suggests, it’s a social, person to person, medium. Brands are the third wheel,” explained Ritson to the audience at the World and Marketing Sales Forum in Melbourne last year. “While they can extract some value from this, it’s not as much as you’ve been told.”

“Social media is about you and me talking. Brands, for the most part, aren’t welcome here.”

Do you agree?


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